Dan Peterman

deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, Massachusetts, 2012/2013

Archive (one ton), 2012

Detail of: Archive (one ton), 2012

Klosterfelde, Berlin, 2011

"Plastic Bones", 2011

Running Table, 1990

Millenium Park, Chicago, 2009

Frankfurter Kunstverein, 2011

Detail of: "Things That Were Are Things Again", 2006

Andrea Rosen Gallery, 2006-2007

"Excerpts from the Universal Lab (good humor)", 2004

Accesories to an Event (Plaza)", 1998

"Carbon Bank (classroom)", 2004

"Villa Deponie", 2002

"Carbon Walkway", 2002

"The Top of the Truck That Hit the Bridge"(Seasonal Fruit Stand), 1999

Klosterfelde, Berlin, 2008

Detail of: "4 Ton Vertical Storage", 1996


Exploring the intersection of art and ecology, Dan Peterman employs a wide variety of strategies for developing projects and installations that engage social and economic considerations. Peterman’s transformations of natural and synthesized materials throw into relief systems of manufacturing. Peterman has used the post-consumer life of recycled materials such as plastic, aluminum, and glass to examine complex issues within storage and exchange. Natural and chemical systems of recycling, such as composting, water purification, and sulfur dioxide cycles have also been explored by the artist to examine the liabilities inherent in the production and management of materials that are in states of continuous transformation and commodification.

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