Dan Peterman Recent Economies
September 11 – October 23, 1999
Main Gallery

The exhibition "Recent Economies" continues Dan Peterman's contract with material systems of waste and resource transformation. In the past, Peterman has used the post-consumer life of recycled materials such as plastic, aluminum and glass to examine complex issues found in simple concepts of storage, value and exchange. Natural and chemical systems of recycling including composting, water purification and sulfur dioxide cycles have also been used by the artist to examine natural and cultural liabilities inherent in the management and production of materials that are in states of continuous transformation and commodification.

With "Recent Economies", Peterman will present an installation using both natural and synthesized material sources such as patterned textile samples, mushrooms and the top of a truck detached by striking an overpass. Peterman's transformations of these materials throw systems of manufacture and, more critically its assumptions of exchange, labor and production, into relief.