Hayden Dunham


LAIL, 2016

POIR, 2016

ENIX, 2016

KEAT, 2016

TOR, 2016

BINE, 2016

GEL (6.32.01), 2015

GEL, 2015

GEL (36.26), 2015

GEL (48.32), 2015

GEL (6.36.01), 2015

GEL (54.34), 2015

EVERYTHINGS: Hayden Dunham, Parker Ito, Timur Si-Qin
Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York
July 2 - August 21, 2015

GEL (liquid), 2015

GEL (35.20), 2015

Creating complex visible and invisible systems, as well as discrete objects––often byproducts of her systems––Hayden Dunham investigates the exchange of information between the hard and soft architectures of building and body. Using silicon, rubber, metal, glass, paints, and minerals as augmentation devices, Dunham’s works embody ideas of transformation and a process of facilitation, where objects are conditioned and supported through their individual internal transformations. Like her manifestations, processes of transformation are also embedded within her parallel creative processes, where conditioning systems enable her own internal conversions and development of identities and domains.

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