Hayden Dunham is represented by Andrea Rosen Gallery

January 19, 2016

Andrea Rosen Gallery is thrilled to announce the representation of artist Hayden Dunham. Dunham embodies multiple practices that inform an incredibly fluid and rigorous way of thinking and creating.

For any age, Hayden Dunham is one of the most unique, talented and innovative individuals I have engaged with; but born in 1988, she is also a representation of a future way of thinking, and a future way of creating. –– Andrea Rosen

Hayden Dunham creates entire circulatory and structural systems. She is interested in the physical transformation and mutation of the body––the corporeal body and the object as body––and is equally interested in what we inflict on ourselves, what is inflicted on us through society, as well as unconscious internal transformations. Focusing on materials and their transformative effects both natural and synthetic (chemicals, metals, glass, plastics, minerals, porcelain, etc…), Dunham explores how the distribution and absorption of specific substances can change and augment our bodies.

Methods of dipping, soaking, aerating, pooling, dusting and encapsulating are employed; through this interfacing, her works––the by-products of her active systems––are supported through induced transformations.

The upcoming two-part exhibition BIO:DIP featuring Hayden Dunham at Red Bull Studios New York, New York (February 20 – April 17), curated by Neville Wakefield, will afford the New York public an opportunity to see a significant presentation of Dunham’s sculptural works. We look forward to deepening our engagement with Dunham’s wholly unique trajectory, and share her work with new audiences. Following the recent announcement of Simon Fujiwara, these announcements will continue to build.

Hayden Dunham (b. 1988) is from Austin, Texas and currently lives and works in New York and Los Angeles. She holds a BA from NYU Gallatin. She has participated in exhibitions and performances at Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, NY; MoMA PS1, New York, NY; SIGNAL Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Farewell, Austin, TX; New Museum, New York, NY; and Colette, Paris, France. 

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