Andrea Rosen Gallery names four new partners

May 27, 2016

Andrea Rosen Gallery is delighted to announce that Trina Gordon, Teneille Haggard, Cory Nomura and Samantha Sheiness have been named Partners of the gallery. In recognition of their leadership initiatives, dedication to supporting artists, and seniority, it is an honor to formalize these mutual commitments.

Inherent to the gallery’s culture is each Partner’s ability to have a separate identity and area of expertise. At the same time, an ongoing strength of the gallery is the collaborative and unified nature of the staff within and across departments. Reflective of the gallery’s core value of supporting artists in all aspects of their careers and practice, the team of Partners includes the diverse nature of our leaders, both individuals directly involved with sales as well as the senior member of the gallery’s Artist Liaison Department. Trina, Cory and Samantha were formerly titled Directors, while Teneille’s former title was Head Artist Liaison and Exhibitions Coordinator.

Trina Gordon has been a Director at the gallery since 2013; previously she was a director with D’Amelio Terras and D’Amelio Gallery. Trina’s primary role focuses on client relations, primary and secondary market transactions, and oversight for a number of the gallery’s represented artists. Trina’s enthusiasm for working with collectors, artists, and colleagues has been invaluable to the gallery and under her care these relationships have significantly expanded and deepened.

In service to the gallery's primary commitment to artists and their exhibitions, the Artist Liaison Department has thrived under Teneille Haggard’s dedicated leadership. Following eight years of working at White Columns in artist support, Teneille joined Andrea Rosen Gallery in 2006. Over the tenure of her professional career, Teneille has brought incredible efficiency, care and nuance to her work with artists on hundreds of museum and gallery exhibitions.

Cory Nomura joined the gallery in 2006 and was appointed Director in 2012. Cory works closely with many of the gallery’s primary artists as well as the Estate of Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Cory’s passion for engaging with emerging artists and their work has contributed to a meaningful dialogue with Andrea. Cory has curated a number of Gallery 2 exhibitions and is the primary overseer of Gallery 2 programming together with Andrea.

Initially joining the gallery in 2007, Samantha Sheiness was appointed Director in 2012. Samantha is a strong leading member of the sales team, both for primary market as well as playing an important role in furthering the gallery’s secondary market practice, is bilingual in French, and possesses great expertise with scholarly research. Samantha's in-depth knowledge and passion has proven to be invaluable in the representation and mounting of exhibitions of the historical estates the gallery works with. Prior to her work at the gallery, Samantha began her career at the Calder and Judd Foundations.

On the heels of celebrating 25 years of significant programming and commitment to artists these partnerships signify a new chapter, which we are very excited to share.

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