Alina Szapocznikow in THEM at Schinkel Pavillion

Alina Szapocznikow, Alisa Baremboym, Aleksandra Domanović, Sarah Lucas, Katja Novitskova, Carolee Schneemann and Anicka Yi

Schinkel Pavillion, Berlin
June 13 - July 26, 2015

The group exhibition THEM is an encounter, a revision, a statement. The central reference point of the exhibition is the work of Polish artist Alina Szapocznikow (1926-1973), which has gained international recognition in recent years. Szapocznikow’s works partake in a dialogue with six artists, exclusively female positions, which deal – each one specifically in relation to their generation – with the definition and construction of the body, with gender, with social positioning, and even the prosthetic-ness of the body in the digital era.

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