Walker Evans Mural Size Prints
September 4 – October 27, 2001
Gallery 2

We are very pleased to continue to work with the Estate of Walker Evans. Our current exhibition consists of five images by Evans; Houses and billboards in Atlanta, 1936, Furniture Sign near Birmingham, Alabama, 1936, Kitchen Wall, Alabama Farmstead, 1936, Bedroom, Shrimp Fisherman's House, Biloxi, Mississippi, 1945, and Shoeshine Sign in Southern Town, 1936.

Beyond being some of Evans's most compelling images, what makes the works in our current exhibition even more remarkable is that each piece measures roughly six by eight feet. These five pieces are among only thirteen images printed in this scale by Evans, for inclusion in his Museum of Modern Art retrospective in 1971 curated by John Szarkowski. Well ahead of their time, these works address issues of scale in photography.

Akin to the nature of the Gallery 2 exhibition of SX-70 Polaroids by Walker Evans in 2000, we are pleased to have the occasion to, once again, reveal a facet of Evans's oeuvre that may have earlier been less apparent, or unknown, to many.

This exhibition is organized in collaboration with Olivier Renaud-Clement.