Space, Mind, Place curated by John Connelly and Michelle Reyes: Michael Ashkin, Francis Cape, Susan Goldman, Rachel Harrison, Craig Kalpakjian, Calvin Seibert, Andrea Zittel
July 7 – August 9, 1996
Main Gallery

Aphorism 4:
"All architecture proposes an effect on the human mind,
not merely a service to the human frame"

John Ruskin
The Seven Lamps of Architecture, 1880

The exhibition Space, Mind, Place brings together seven contemporary artists who utilize architectural referents, scale or vocabulary to examine or create psychological space. In doing so these artists continue to investigate the relationship between art and architecture and the mind and body within constructed space. From Vladimir Tatlin to Dan Graham, architecture and art have an implicit dialogue that has remained a fertile territory for exploration throughout the course of modernism and contemporary art. Here, issues surrounding history, memory, time, aesthetics, and technology will continue to be explored in the context of art/experience and its architectural alliances.