Sean Landers October 22 – November 27, 1993
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"....Sean Landers' [sic] is the best book I've ever read!" - Sean Landers

"....[sic] is by far the best book written by a startlingly new literary talent. Kudos to Landers - a remarkable effort." - Sean Landers

"....We love him, we hate him, we want to punch him in the mouth. He's you, he's me, he is us all." - Sean Landers

"....What is wrong with this guy, one has to ask is [sic] a book or is it simply hearing the wining of a neurotic roommate who won't shut up?" - Sean Landers

"....A remarkably readable book by a writer who can't even spell the word literature."
- Sean Landers

"....Landers is the archetypal fool-poet, the bad mime of literature, he feeds us mental popcorn with stunningly little resonance, still I can't forget it." - Sean Landers

".... I think I want to kill Sean Landers if only to shut him up." - Sean Landers

"....I won't even flatter [sic] with insults, indeed I'll pretend that I never even read it."
- Sean Landers

"....Imagine a chimpanzee as a brain surgeon, and you'll get the idea of what kind of 'novelist' Sean Landers is." - Sean Landers

"....Never mind the waste of $20.00 this book is, value your time and intelligence and don't read a word of it." - Sean Landers

"....I'd rather tea bag Joel Rifkin than admit that I read this book." - Sean Landers

"....[sic] sucks!" - Sean Landers

"....I just finished reading [sic] and I feel like I've been trapped with an insanely self-obsessed hitchhiker on an impossibly long car ride and I can't figure out why I didn't kick the jerk out of my car. For the first time in my life I found myself reading out of politeness. Most remarkable is that after more than 450 pages I can't remember a single thing he wrote." - Sean Landers

"....Never in my life did I think that reading could be such an utter waste of time. I normally can find something redeeming about anything I've read. After reading [sic] I cleaned my apartment just so I could feel like I'd done something with my day." - Sean Landers

"....I'm sorry." - Sean Landers

"....My next book will definitely be better, please don't let this one put you off."
- Sean Landers