Abbas Kiarostami Sleepers
January 5 – February 9, 2002
Main Gallery


Best known for his feature length films, such as Taste of Cherry, Under the Olive Trees, and The Wind Will Carry Us; Sleepers (2001) is Abbas Kiarostami's first video work, and perhaps most significantly, his first unedited motion picture. Sleepers, produced by Galerie de France and MK2, was first shown on the occasion of the 2001 Venice Bienale. Running 1 hour 34 minutes, the film depicts a man and woman in bed, asleep in the early hours of the morning. As time passes, the city life begins to stir and the ambient sound of traffic and noise on the street gradually increases. The couple's movements are minimal. The observer is left as a voyeur, yet remains neutral. The DVD will be shown as a projection on the floor, permitting the viewer to interact with a life-size representation of the scenario.

In June 2000 we exhibited thirteen color photographs by Abbas Kiarostami in Gallery 2 and we are very pleased to have a second show of his work.