Will Boone

Windowmaker, 2015

#Rawhide, Venus Over Manhattan, 2015

Grand Illusions, 2015

Will Boone, 2014-2015


Flat World, 2015

Flat World, 2015

DOOR, 2015

Flat World, 2015

Love for Three Oranges. 2015

Love for Three Oranges. 2015

HOME, 2014

Graceland, 2014

Graceland, 2014

My Way, 2015

Will Boone, 2015

Lost in the Flood, 2015

Lost in the Flood, 2015

Will Boone: GOLIAD, 2014

Will Boone: GOLIAD, 2014

Will Boone, 2014-2015

Born 1982, Houston TX
Lives and works in Los Angeles


2007    University of Houston, Texas

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2014    Rubell Family Collection, Miami, Paradise

            Karma, New York, GRACELAND

            Jonathan Viner, London, GOLIAD

2013    Karma, New York, Sigils

2012    Karma, New York, Yes No Goodbye

2011    Karma, New York, Psycho Ads

Selected Two Person Exhibitions

2016    Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, with William Pope L

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016    Gagosian Gallery, Rome, Prototypology

            Venus Over Manhattan, New York, Fétiche (forthcoming)

            Almine Rech, London, In Different Ways (forthcoming)

2015    Frank Elbaz, Paris, Lost in the Flood

            Simon Preston, New York, Grand Illusion(s)

            Luxembourg & Dayan, London, Word by Word, curated by Francesco Bonami

            David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles, The World is Flat

            Venus Over Manhattan, New York, #RAWHIDE

            Gladstone Gallery, Brussells, Love For Three Oranges2014

2014    Monte Carlo Hotel, Miami Beach, 24/7, organized by Alex Bacon & Harrison Tenzer

            Middlemarch, Brussels, 173 E. 94th Street/Chaussée De Waterloo 550, organized by Alex Bacon

            Peres Projects, Berlin, Group Spirit

2013    Marlborough Gallery, New York, PIZZA TIME!

2012    Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York, Detourement: Signs of the Times (curated by Carlo McCormick)

2011    White Flag Projects, St. Louis, Karma

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