Katy Moran

Untitled 55, 2015

Laughing Clown, 2015

Green Snout Face, 2014

Andrea Rosen Gallery, 2015

Ronald McDonald, 2014

"Nature Boy", 2007

New Landscape, 2014

Parasol unit foundation, 2015

"primal cat", 2011

"Big Wow", 2007

Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin, 2013

"woodland bear and bridge", 2011

"bear fun", 2010

Andrea Rosen Gallery, 2011

"Wasabi Without Tears", 2007

"one year on", 2010

Lenny K, 2008

Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, 2010

"the truman show", 2011

"Volestere", 2007

"circus town", 2011

Katy Moran’s paintings reflect a responsive working process: shifting or rotating the canvas while painting, reworking textures, and reconsidering the shapes and figures that emerge. With this approach to painting along with the inclusion of collage, often partially obscured, her work conveys a deliberate tension between materiality and subject. Moran creates a dynamic push and pull between the addition and the removal of paint; some works exhibit thick application of paint, while in others the painterly gesture is removed with rags dipped in varnish or even by sanding. Via the oscillation between representation and abstraction, composition and narrative, texture and space, Moran engages thought and sense simultaneously.

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