Friedrich Kunath

We could be looking for the same thing, 2015-2016

Gee It's Nice To Be Alone (L.A. River Brown Landscape), 2015

Sammlung Philara,Düsseldorf, 2016

A Brief History of Love, 2015

I've only just begun, 2016

VNH Gallery, Paris 2016

Fuck It I Love You, 2014

Kunsthalle KAdE, Netherlands, 2016

I may not be 100% happy but at least I'm not with you, 2014

Kaikaikiki, Tokyo 2016

Cloudy, With a Chance of Tears, 2016

I Still Owe You For The Hole In My Heart, 2014

Centre d'art contemporain d'Ivry - le Crédac, 2014

Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, 2014

I Dreamed It Was A Dream That You Were Gone, 2014

A Brief History of Love, 2014

Modern Art Oxford, UK, 2013

Sin & Gravity, 2013

What is not but could have been (somehow the wonder of life prevails), 2013

White Cube, London, 2013

"Untitled", 2012

Blum & Poe, Los Angeles, 2012

"The distance between me and me (Cologne Civet)", 2011

"Happy birthday yesterday (sleepy Cannes)", 2011

Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, 2010

"All of My Problems Are Water Based (Strawberry)", 2010

Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo, 2010

"Cloudy with a Chance of Tears", 2010

White Cube, London, 2011

Kunstverein Hannover, 2009

"Twilight", 2007

Inextricably entwining the experience of the ordinary with the sublime, Friedrich Kunath’s work explores interior sensation, recontextualization and abstraction, and oppositional relationships that propel emotional experience. Within his painting, installation, and sculpture, images and objects build upon themselves in a layered stream of consciousness driven by the autobiographical, the conceptual, and the emotional. The act is an embrace of existence – both vibrant and mundane – where irony and melancholy coalesce with his version of “ sad optimism," and nostalgia wanders between past and future. Together, disparate yet individually familiar elements propose a kaleidoscopic view of somewhere between dreamscape and reality.

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